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Electronic Cash
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ACH Processing Company - Provides electronic banking services through the Federal Reserve Banking System.
Achex - Electronic checks allow you to pay or be paid using an existing checking account.
CheckFree Corporation - Provider of financial electronic commerce services.
CHIPS - Electronic system that handles monetary payments moving between countries around the world.
eCatalystOne - ePAID, a pre-paid purchase card, can be used to buy and sale anonymously over the Internet.
eCharge - Provides an alternative to using credit cards to purchase items online.
EcoCard Ltd - A virtual card for online payments.
Fidesic - Enables electronic payments between any two parties with email addresses and U.S. bank accounts.
First National Bank of Jasper - Includes information on electronic banking, ATM locations, and more.
FreedomPay - Cashless payment system enables members to make small purchases without cash or coins. - samCARD is a "same as money" pre-paid, stored-value cash card for Internet purchases. - Enables consumers to use cash from their bank account to make purchases online.
InternetCash - Use to shop online at participating websites.
MonCash - Offers an e-cash payment solution.
Mondex Electronic Cash - Enables transactions between individuals without the need for banks or other third parties.
New England ACH Association - Promotes use and understanding of electronic payments, specifically the ACH.
PayPal - Payment service allows users to send money and bills to anyone with e-mail.
PayPal Infocenter - A strictly informational site on the services of PayPal.
Paypal Warning - Warns PayPal users of their service policies.
PocketCash - Offers a private account used to buy goods online and pay for telephone calls.
Praxell - Secure, IP-based stored value platform enables two or more parties to transact business over the Internet.
Smart Global Money Inc - Provides and e-cash system for shopping online instead of using credit cards.
Virtualmoney - Offers a private asset-backed currency that is self-adjusting for inflation and deflation.
Visa Buxx - Offers a shopping card designed for parents to help teens budget wisely.
WildCard Systems - Develops prepaid or host based stored value payment system cards or virtual accounts, enabled through Web applications.
XRT - System promotes global visibility of cash and treasury, risks and payment, and secure end-to-end tracking and control of financial flows.

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