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Cash Discounters
Site Listings - They pay top dollar for mortgages & notes - nationwide. Get a free, no obligation quote on the value of your note. Trade in the payments for Cash now!

American Contract Buyers, LLC - Premium Prices Paid for Real Estate Notes, Annuities and Structured Settlements. Free Quotes
#1 Buyer of Structured Settlements - Get the cash now in a lump sum payment for your structured settlements, lottery winnings, annuities, viatical settlements, personal injury, life, mortgage notes or insurance settlements.
SunCrest Funding Consultants - Provides accounts receivable financing, purchases structured settlements, mortgage, and business notes nationwide.
Serinova Financial - Purchase notes, deeds of trust, insurnace settlements, annuities and lottery tickets. Structured settlements are our specialty.
Clockwork Fundin, LLC - Purchasers of structured settlements and all types of annuities.
The Oliver Company - Buyers of a wide variety of financial notes nationwide, including accounts receivables (factoring), purchase orders and other types of business notes.
Viatical Settlements Guide - Simple guide to generating cash through a viatical settlement.
Lump Sum USA - They provide a large lump sum of cash for your structured settlement, annuity, mortgage note, business note, and lottery winnings. They pay top dollar for your cash flow note.
National Cash Funding - Buyers of a wide variety of financial notes nationwide, including real estate and business notes, settlements, accounts receivables (factoring), and purchase orders.
Endowment - Get up to 40% more than the surrender value by selling your endowment policy.
1st Nationwide Mortgage Investors, LLC - Offers cash payments in exchange for seller-financed residential mortgages as well as lottery winnings.
A1 Policy Shop Ltd. - UK-based firm buys and sells second hand endowment policies.
AAA Strategic Capital, Inc. - Buyers of structured settlements, casino and lottery payments.
Access Financial Resources - Purchaser of accounts receivable and privately held real estate notes.
Advance Fundin, Inc. - Purchases structured settlements, military pensions, and mortgage and business notes.
ALIR Company - Offers financial options to seniors and individuals facing a life-threatening illness by providing life and viatical settlements.
American Cash Flow - Organization devoted to all components of the cash flow industry.
American Group Funding, Inc. - Purchases existing real estate contracts, mortgage notes and deeds of trust nationwide.
American Life Enhancement, LLC. - Provides life insurance policy viatical settlements and alternatives to senior and life settlements.
American Viatical Settlements - News, testimonials, an FAQ, and an information request form.
Annuity & Mortgage Purchase, Inc. - Purchases insurance settlements and casino and lottery payments.
Ardan Group Ltd. - Provides viatical and life settlement services nationwide.
Assured Viatical, Inc. - Provides viatical and senior settlements from life insurance policies.
Beachwalk Financial Group - A broker for multiple life settlement companies.
Cappel, O'Hara & Schmidt, Inc. - Licensed viatical settlement company sells or buys life insurance policies.
Cascade Capital - Purchases mortgage notes, structured settlements, lottery winnings, and other cash flows.
Classic Investment Opportunities - Buyer of owner financed notes and most debt instruments.
Combs Properties - Purchases mortgage notes and other cash flows.
Creative Finance and Investments, LLC - Purchases deeds, notes, annuities and other contracted cash flows
Do-All, Inc. - Service offers to redeem pre-mature state of Israel bonds.
DRW Investment Corp - Purchases mortgage notes, trust deeds, lottery winnings and structured settlements.
Edward J. Adams Brokerage - Purchases, sells and brokers mortgage notes and other debt Instruments.
Fitzgerald Capital Recovery - Purchases illiquid securities and assets of all types.
Freedom Financia, LLC - Buys seller financed notes secured by residential, commercial and land only properties.
Heir Advance Company - Advances cash to heirs of inheritances prior to the close of probate.
Individual Benefits, Inc. - Provides viatical settlements of life insurance policies.
Inheritance and Trust Cash Advance Company, The - Provides inheritance funding services.
Inheritance Funding Company, LLC - Provides cash advances for heirs on inheritances.
Integrity Funding Sources - Purchases structured settlements, annuities, mortgage notes and lottery winnings.
Israel Bond Redemption and Services - Buyers of non-matured State of Israel bonds.
J.G. Wentworth - Purchase of private mortgage notes, structured settlements, insurance and royalties.
Jameson Mortgage Company - Purchaser of contracts, deeds of trusts and mortgages.
KG Funding - Purchases mortgages, lotteries, structured settlements, accounts receiveable, and commercial loans.
Legacy Benefits Corporation - Provider of viatical and life settlements.
Life Partners, Inc. - Provider of life settlements and viaticals.
Life Settlement Alliance, Inc. - Purchases from life insurance policies. Seniors or individuals living with serious illness can sell existing life policies for substantially more than the cash or surrender value.
Lifeline, The - Offering viatical settlements for the terminally ill and senior settlements for the elderly.
Living Funds - Living Funds is able to financially assist those who are facing financial stress from the high costs of a terminal or chronic illness by the means of a viatical settlement.
Medical Escrow Society, The - Offers viatical and life settlement options to insured seniors.
Montclair Financial Group, Inc. - Purchases structured settlements, annuities, mortgages and other future payments.
Mutual Funding Group - Purchases settlements, lotteries, trust deeds, business notes and farm subsidies.
National Contract Buyers, Inc. - Buyers of real estate contracts, mortgages, trust deeds, lottery winnings and legal settlements.
National Viatical, Inc. - Offers viatical settlement services to investors and to the terminally ill.
Notable Mortgage Buyers, Inc. - Buyers and investors who purchase privately held and seller held mortgages notes nationwide.
Notetrades - Provides a forum for investors to post or view financial notes for sale or trade. - Buys structured settlements, annuities, real estate notes, and unusual cash flows.
Peachtree Settlement Funding - Purchases structured settlements and lottery winnings.
R&P Capital Resources, Inc. - Purchases structured settlements, lottery winnings, and mortgage notes.
R.G. Coulter & Associates - Buyers of real estate notes, contracts, and mortgages nationwide.
Rd Legal Funding, LLC - Buys settlements, court appointed and insurance defense fees.
Ready Money Capital - Provider of lump-sum monies for most future payments to be received from annuities, lotteries, and life insurance.
RTG Consultants, LLC - Offering reverse mortgages, and life settlements to senior citizens. Free information, quotes and analysis.
Safe Harbor Funds, LLC - Provider of viatical and senior settlement transactions.
Secured Paper - Nationally purchases mortgages, contracts and deeds-of-trust for cash. Other online resources are available for brokers and investors.

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