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Financial Articles 2014
The number that tells you how much you can charge on your credit card is known as your credit limit. It's a dollar amount that's set by your lender when you get approved for a new line of credit. But just how do lenders set these limits? For the most part, there are two primary factors that most lenders look at in order to set your initial credit limit: your credit score and income level. [...]
Successful retirement planning is not one size fits all. Retirement planning for a millennial just doesn't fit retirement planning for a baby boomer who is nearing retirement. There are several reasons planning should be custom fit. [...]
In nine short months you'll get to meet this new little person and have the joy of raising him or her. In the midst of thinking about what he'll be like or what impact she'll have on the world, you can easily forget that this baby comes with something -- a price tag. [...]
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